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Why bookmakers need passport data: can you trust BK Mostbet?
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Why Bookmaker Companies ask for Passport Information ?

In the modern world, because of improvements in the area of technology, we are facing many online services. Currently, all companies are trying to provide users with their necessary needs. In this regard, bookmaker companies do not stay beside. Nowadays, many online platforms are available. Systems that are providing bet makers and gamblers with online services. Yet, one of the important stages for bookmakers is the identification process. All bookmaker companies, asking their users to provide them with passport information. This is necessary for verification procedures. Yet, many players around the world do not know why it is necessary and some don't want to share such private information. There are a couple of reasons that players will need to share their passport information. Causes such as:

  • Both bookmakers and Center for accounting translations of interactive rates need to identify each user
  • It is important for betting platforms to be able to confirm that users are older than 18 years old
  • With passport information, bookmakers will be able to prevent users to have a multi-accounts
  • Hackers and robbers can try to change the password of the user's account. The identification process will help to protect each player from such an event
  • The importance of the verification process will be known at the time of financial transactions and withdraw of funds
  • It will help bookmakers to protect the personal data of each player according to the law Prevent passport fraud and third party activities

It is important to note, the legal bookmaker companies are required to ask for passport information. This is total legal work and players should not worry about sharing their information. Legal betting sites should ask for passport information and protect the private data of every user. The bookmaker that does not ask for identification process and passport information, should not be trusted by players.

Is it Possible to Enter Passport Information in Mostbet ?

As mentioned, all legal bookmakers will need to ask users to verify their identity. Mostbet, as a legal bookmaker, is also in this category. Players will need to complete their profile and write the necessary information such as passport number. After the identification procedure, players will be able to put a bet and gamble. Yet, because it can be difficult for users to know about the process, we decided to provide them with a simple guide. Players will be able to complete their identification process in Mostbet by following some simple steps.

  • Firstly, users will need to enter to Official website of Mostbet
  • In the right corner, they will need to choose the “Registration” option
  • On the new page, users will need to fill up the boxes with their necessary information
  • The page will ask for confirmation of mobile number by the SMS that will send by the company
  • The next screen, which will need to be complete by users, is about Passport information

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Mentioned steps can help users to complete their identification process. Yet, the Russian citizens, according to the law, will need to make registration in the Center for accounting translations of interactive rates (CUPIS) too. In this regard, users will need to follow the below procedures:

  • Enter to the portal of CUPIS ( 1cupis.ru )
  • Find the registration option and choose it
  • Write the same mobile number and email address that filled in Mostbet website.
  • Make a confirmation that you are older than 18 Accept the terms and conditions
  • Then users will receive code by SMS and will be able to complete the registration process

It is worthy to mention, Russian citizens also will be able to make the whole identification process in an offline format. Via a store “Svyaznoy” and “CONTACT” with cheap prices, they will be able to make the identification process for Mostbet.

Generally, players will need to share three main documents with Mostbet:

  • The image of the first page of their Passport
  • The registration page
  • And selfie photo with the open passport

Aforementioned steps, players will be able to start deposit and put bets on any events. The identification process will allow users to receive emails with the promo codes for deposit bonuses. Should be noted, Mostbet is offering a welcome bonus to its new players.

Why Mostbet is Checking the Passport Information ?

All Mostbet bet makers around the world will need to complete the identification process. Then they will be able to put the bets and gamble. Yet, for some players, it can be not clear why Mostbet is asking for Passport information. Besides all the reasons that we mentioned above, Mostbet has some specific reasons. There are some online platforms that are not asking for such identification. These platforms are operating in an illegal format. But, But Mostbet received a license and operates legally.

So according to the law, bookmaker companies need to be registered on the CUPIS platform. Also, bookmakers will need to identify their users too. Being a member of CUPIS means that in case of corruption or bankruptcy of the Mostbet, CUPIS will pay the winners. Shortly, it is a legal guarantee for players that in any case if they win something, they will be able to have it. Also, users without completing the identification procedure, will not be able to withdraw funds. So in the case of bet and play in legal format and be able to withdraw funds easily, users will need to complete the verification process. The procedure will ask for some personal information and passport details. After that, players can start to deposit and put bets on any events.

Make a bet and play in Mostbet, automatically will give users some specific features. Players will gain money in a totally legal format. Also, with Mostbet it is guaranteed that in any case, users will receive their win money. For sure, taxes are not good news for gamblers and bet makers. Yet, when everything is in legal format, players can be in their comfort zone and enjoy a good experience.